Habit Helpers

Habit Helpers

So we’re a week into my new routine.
I’m not sure what’s worse, drinking a gallon of water a day, or making myself exercise.

Yes, I know they’re good for me. But yeah. Not my favorite. Add in the fact that I’ve got some serious squirrel! syndrome and no fewer than five children orbiting me on any given day, and then top it off with my awesomesauce ENFP personality that gets bored at the drop of a hat, and yeah, there’s a reason I drop a workout regimen faster than a bad chalupa.

So we have our charts (see previous post on the carrot and the stick) and that’s been a good fire under my bum. But I still need a way to stay interested in what I’m doing. Engagement.

A new revelation for me that I’ve discovered for one of my habits is that I really love to do my Bible study with another person. I mean, I can do it on my own, and have in the past, but having another person to delve into God’s Word makes the time really fly and I always walk away with a new hunger and vigor. I’m less distracted. It’s been amazing.

So applying this same idea to my workouts? It seemed like a good idea. Also, doing more than ONE style of exercise. It’s only twenty minutes a day, it should be simple right? Maybe?

So here’s what my week looked like and yes, I got SEVEN FULL DAYS of workouts in, and I don’t think I’ve EVER done that before!

Day 1: Walked with the kids
Day 2: Exercise Bike –
need more padding on the seat, OUCH!
Day 3: Horsemanship Yoga with a friend –
holy banana peels on a flamingo, WHY?
Day 4: Exercise Bike –
WHY do I still hurt from the Yoga? Really need more padding on the bike seat.
Day 5: Walked/skipped/paced in the rain at the Farmer’s Market in the rain for several hours.
Day 6: Exercise Bike –
so.much. ouch.
Day 7: Step-stool step up, step down/Bike
I got three minutes into the step stool before my legs were screaming and switched to the bike. Bike might be better than the stool but hard to say 100%.

So by far, changing things up has helped a LOT.

I think the times I did things with others, I was able to go longer than twenty minutes, but for the most part I’m happy with this one habit change.

I read or heard somewhere that the “change your habit over twenty-one days” theory was rebuffed and the actual time is six week. Wow. Can I do six weeks of this? I don’t know but it definitely is going to take some outside-the-box thinking.

No matter what habits you want to change, it’s important to ask yourself questions:
why isn’t this working for me?
Am I just forgetful?
Do I lack self-discipline?
Is there some way I can make this easier?
What more can I do to make this habit something I can look forward to?
Is this a habit I really really want? Or am I just doing it for another reason?

For instance:

Washing dishes? I don’t know that anyone particularly loves washing dishes- but what if I made it ME time? What if every evening when I do the last wash up, I put on some music or an audio book, I light a candle, and make it the time I just relax and then when I’m done I give my hands a little pampering? Wouldn’t that be a much more pleasant way to do things?

What other ways can you make your habits work better? What have you tried? Have you read any books on the topic? Share below!

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