The 94% Discount Heard Round the World.

The 94% Discount Heard Round the World.

So one day, as I was thinking about life and motherhood and parenting and the things that used to bother me before the world set itself on fire… I was just a mom, homeschooling and trying to figure things out.

I had recently been convicted to start dressing up for my Hubby. He never asked me to do this. It was just something that the Lord convicted me of one day when I was getting ready to meet a friend. Here I was, getting myself pretty and ready to go out, and yet when Hubby came home, he came home to what I recall fondly as frump wife. On a bad day? He’s come home to her less-lovable sister grumpy-frumpy wife. I joke a little, but I really didn’t have it in me to dress up and it was taking a toll on me and I could see when I dressed up how Hubby’s face would light up still.

One of my favorite authors had a quote in her book that essentially said:
mirrors lie. my husband’s eyes? that’s the true reflection I should take my confidence from.

So. I thought about this. Prayed over it. I’m an extrovert. I talked a LOT about it. It’s my process. I went to an oddly-specific mom’s group I’m no longer in and asked the question:

“Does anyone here feel convicted to wear mascara and dress up for their hubby? just me?”

and then I waited for the replies. They were all over the place. People lost their minds demanding WHY a woman would want to do this or on the opposite end of the spectrum WHY would you not… either way, I was on track to figure this thing out.

Then, a random commentor messaged me.

Her: “Have you thought about your hair?”
Me: “Uh, my hair is really really not suited to most hair products. Thanks.”

Her: “How do you mean?”

I went on to explain that my 3B curls don’t play nicely with typical Caucasian hair accessories. (Trust me, lady. You don’t know.) Although my genetic structure is a blend of MANY cultures across the globe, my hair is definitely not straight, blonde or silky. Instead, it’s wild, curly, and coarse, like wool.

She showed me ONE pic.

That’s all it took. I was hooked. I talked to my Hubby. I didn’t even BUY a clip. I bought the whole kit. At the time, it cost me about $200. it was a $300 value and there was no quotas. No fees. No recruiting. I could do nothing and keep everything in the kit. I could keep my 30% discount if I only spent $29.99 a year.

I told my Hubby, you know, I should be able to get my money back in 6 weeks. I’m here to tell you, I did it in less than that. And it continued to change our lives. God used this tiny business to make huge changes in our world. I was pulling anywhere from $150 to $2100 a month.

More importantly? I was meeting people who challenged me and inspired me to be more confident. Who helped me crawl out of the shell I had built over myself in my child-bearing years. To help me find my voice as a Child of God and learn new lessons in leadership, in grace, in giving back, in mercy.

And I don’t regret a single minute of this precious story. Because it’s been the very thing that got me writing again. That allowed us to take trips to see family across the country. To make connections and to have the tenacity to be stronger and that’s had an amazing ripple effect on our lives that you wouldn’t believe.

Not only is it bringing in a paycheck. Not only am I being impacted from the people and culture. Not only am I being challenged daily in my faith to shine brighter and clearer for Christ?

But it’s helping my daughters learn life lessons about finances, beauty, people, love, commitment, truth. You cannot put a price on those things.

Why do I tell you all this?
Because this kit? This life-altering kit and company that God has used to impact our family in a really profound way?

This kit is on sale on Friday July 3, 2020 from 12pm PST to 7pm PST. $300 value for $17.79 plus tax and shipping.

That kit?
It’s on a mega-crazy-have-they-lost-their-minds? sale on Friday, July 3rd 2020. For only $17.76 they’re letting $300 worth of product and a chance to change your life be available. That’s a 94% Discount. That’s utterly insane.

Only from 12 pm PST to 7pm PST. July 3, 2020.

After all that 2020 has been, this is an incredible opportunity with zero risk. There’s no catch here. Nothing to pay back. You can take the kit and forget it happened. Or you can take a chance and let this thing change your world.

See, that’s what makes Lilla Rose different. They don’t push, don’t pressure, don’t scam. They’re the indie company of direct sales and they care most of all about others and cultivating a servant heart.

If you’re interested, reach out. You can sign up here:

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