You may or may not have heard about the recent kid-created holiday of Wolfenoot, which took the internet by storm this autumn. Long story short: a young boy was given the task of inventing his own holiday and he invented a holiday that was for people who are nice to dogs. It is both endearing and creative. And it’s captured the world’s hearts and imaginations. I mean? Dogs? Presents? Total win!

Having children who are easily bored with tedium we always look for fun projects that encourage our kids to use their creativity and skills in new ways. This lines up nicely with our educational theory of Mastery > Repetition.

(Please note: some repetition is important for learning. We just prefer to innovate rather than do copywork in the later elementary years here at home.)

This worksheet is printable, usable, and should provide you with a great tool to discuss Holidays, Dates, History, & Culture. The skills that will be used might include: reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling, grammar, culture studies, art, and presentation/public speaking.

Some fun facts about holidays:
Holiday comes from the words “Holy Day” and was originally used to mark special days of religious import. People would take the time away from their normal plans and go attend to religious duties, as outlined in Scripture, or by The Church.

Holidays in modern days can be religious or non-religious, and usually include a “setting apart” to mark a day as special. This can involve either a form of celebration or time spent differently from your normal daily tasks. For example: You might simply tell someone “Happy Earth Day” or you might feel led to go and pick up trash at a local park. You might also choose to not observe a holiday.
There are ten annual holidays observed by the United States each year. There is an eleventh holiday celebrated every four years, when a president is inaugurated.

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