Nana Rama? What?

Nana Rama? What?

So this month is National Novel Writing Month. Or, as we scribblers like to call it: NaNoWriMo (Nah-No-Rye-Moh). This program is in it’s 20th year. Wow!

Since I’ve been penning typing up my fabulous children’s book series this summer and fall (available here), I thought it would be good to get out into the public and do a few writer-friendly events.

The purpose behind NaNo- is to write fifty thousand words in thirty days. To give you an idea of what that looks like, most Science-Fiction/Fantasy books written for adults clock in around 120K-200K these days. So while you may not get a complete book out of the month’s labors, the biggest thing is that you are writing daily.

There are write-ins, hosted at restaurants, coffee shops, and libraries across the United States. There are all kinds of forums and local events. The irony of all this is that a good amount of writers would identify themselves as highly private, introverted people. However, the writing community, as a whole, uses this amazing vehicle to encourage one another and come together in solidarity.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you’ve decided to write the latest rendition of Cinderella or a cookbook for your Steampunk friends. What matters is that you are the one telling your story. You are the only one who is going to tell it the way you do. And while the rumors persist that there are only seven original plots known to mankind, the reality is that no two books will tell the same story in exactly the same fashion.

For me, this year, I come into the season excited. I’ve only seriously participated once, and that was six years ago. I got about 30K words in and then I was done. It happens. Actually, only about 15% of those who commit to NaNoWriMo actually get those 50K words in. So it’s a really really big deal if you can finish.

One of the biggest perks this year: my oldest is participating. That’s right.

There’s a NaNoWriMo for Young Writers! You can locate it here. The kid in question sets their own goals and everything runs through a parent. My oldest is writing with the hopes to produce a little novella and gift it to people at Christmas. This is the same child who devours books but loathes taking pen to paper. #Winning

This mom is stoked to see such a great tool being used to excite writers near, far, young, and old. And if it happens to check off a few goals on her homeschooling list, so be it.

Best of Luck to you All this NaNoWriMo <3

If you know anyone who is participating this year, be sure to reach out and encourage them, it’s not a light task, nor an easy one.


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