Seven Gifts for Moms and Daughters 2019

Seven Gifts for Moms and Daughters 2019

What do you do when you want to have a memorable gift, but you’ve already done the standards? What about the kid or relative that has everything? Here’s your 2019 guide to seven Mom and Daughter gift ideas that are sure to bring flavor to your festivities this year:


$25.99 Available Here


Meet the Bilibo. (Billy-Bow)
What is it?
It’s a sled. It’s a hat. It’s a turtle shell. It’s a chair. It’s a basket. It’s a doll bed, or a pith helmet. It’s a water toy, a spinny toy. This toy is geared toward open playtime, encouraging kids to use their imaginations. Comes in several colors. We love it in our home and it’s used by everyone from ages 3-11. Classic, simple, if you get multiples, they will stack into one another so no problem with storage.

$23.99 Available Here


Move over, Monopoly!
Tsuro (tz-oo-roh)
is the “new” classic family game. Fun for all ages, no reading required. The game uses tiles with different paths for your token to follow. Don’t fall off the edge of the board and don’t run into anyone else! Easy enough for your kindergartners or Grandpa Lewis to play without getting bored.
2-8 players
Game time is a quick 15-20 minutes.

$11 Available Here

If you’ve not heard of the Flexi-Clip yet, you’re missing out. These ingenious clips are made with piano wire and the same material that nuts and bolts are made out of, making these clips super durable and able to hold even the finest slippery hair to the thickest Rapunzel locks. The clips come in a variety of sizes and designs and will keep your kids’ hair from being damaged repeatedly by the wear and tear of elastics. This small California-based company stands by its products, everything has a one-year warranty and will suit every style from simple to sassy. Great for Moms too!

$65 Available Here


Local to Treasure Valley Idaho, KD Horsemanship offers a variety of lessons, Saddle Club Season Passes,and Horse Encounters sure to dazzle your child’s world. Why add clutter and invest in things that won’t last? Think about investing in lessons and a life skill that will serve your children’s futures.

$6.91 Available Here


The Joy Series is a newly released series. Imagine the Ramona Quimby series if it was written in this day and age, and written with conservative, wholesome values, perfect for a family read-aloud or your early independent reader. This series is rumored to have a total of ten books and your children will love to read about the adventures that the Joy children enjoy.

$11.95 Available Here


Common Panda Hair Color Wax is amazing. It goes on like a thick pomade or hair gel. Completely covering the hair. It also washes out completely, without leaving any residue and does ZERO damage to delicate hair- keeping it healthy, unlike other hair coloring methods that require bleaching for effect. Perfect for the person in your life who treats their hair like it’s an accessory to every outfit!

$12.99 Available Here

Travel Hair Straightener AND ColorStreet Nails!
(ColorStreet Nail Saver!)

If your lady loves to use Colorstreet Nail accessories, please consider gifting her with this mini hair straightener so she can get the most out of her nail sets. This mini straightener is the perfect way to reseal opened sets and letting her enjoy her nail pretties even longer.

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