Wait? There’s a five o’clock in the morning now?

Wait? There’s a five o’clock in the morning now?

I’m not a morning person. Like, really, really not a morning person. I have family who is, but not me. To compound things, I have a Hubby who works nights, has worked them over 13 years, and intends to continue working nights until the day comes when he retires and we proceed to the next part of our lives. But that’s another story for another day.


So I write books now. It’s a thing. It wasn’t supposed to be a thing yet, to tell the truth I had this whole epic-fantasty, Tolkienian Grimm-meets-Louis La’Amour thing I’d been working on five years or so ago so that project has been gathering dust for some time now.

Anyhow. I write now. It’s a thing. Ten books planned. And I prefer nights. I also run a side-business selling hair things. I also have a large team of ladies I coach and encourage and contribute to team training from time to time.

At the time of this writing, I also home educate my five children, and I help a friend with her horseback business. I also am known to cook meals, keep a home, date my Hubby, and I do in fact, have some profound friendships. (You know who you are.)

How do I do it?
Well, I’ll tell you the secret.
I embraced the fact that I hate mornings.

It doesn’t matter if I sleep in until 11 am or if I am up at 5am.
It’s still morning

Here’s the secret:

Mornings are still dumb,

(Yes, I know the verse about God’s mercies being new every morning…)


I’d rather start the day grumpy and slow with my very large cup of coffee in *silence* and have the quiet meditation on God’s Word – rather than waking up immediately to the wonderful, lovely, amazing, never-boring cacophony that is my life.

Having even 30 minutes to myself in the morning is a gift.

I get way more done if I’m up at 5 AM than I do if the kids go down at 7pm and I stay up until 12 AM.

Why is this?

at 5 AM, I’m fresh. I’ve got all my energy for the day, and if I wait until the evening? I’m tapped completely out. My day has happened and I’m just worn clean through.

I’m not saying I’m perfect.
I’m totally utterly imperfect.

That’s not going to change any time soon. 🙂

But by embracing the mornings, it allows me to press pause, to take a beat one might say. So that I can have the time to ease into my tasks.

When the kids get up, they see a happier Momma, not the grouchy troll that woke up in my bed this morning.

Bring on the day. Bring on the coffee.

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