The Great Reunion

The Great Reunion

As I’m writing this, my family is preparing for another loss.

One of my favorite uncles, fondly referred to as “UB” hasn’t been doing well and we’ve been told it’s only a matter of time until he is no longer here. It’s hard for us- we will miss his banter, his wit, his humor, and his wisdom – and at the same time?

We’re praising God for taking him Home- where there’s no pain, no politics, no senseless anger. But oh. It hurts.

UB was a SpecOps diver for the Navy, among other things. He was smart as a whip and had a great sense of humor. He loved his wife, his children, his country, his family, and most of all, the Lord. You couldn’t talk to him without him touching on any one of those topics, it seemed. He was a man who loved life! He loved to travel and he had probably a million stories to tell.

There are MANY stories that abound concerning UB. My favorite story about him was the time he was stationed in South Carolina and he had some folks come to his door to proselytize.

Now, he was of another faith, and many times over, he discouraged the two ladies as much as possible- he simply knew to Whom he belonged to and no, he wasn’t interested in their particular brand of religion.

They wouldn’t take no for an answer. So eventually, out of sheer frustration, or perhaps boredom, maybe even the old man just couldn’t resist a prank –

(All of the above is certainly possible – even probable!) – he made a plan.

The next time he waited and watched for them to flock to his door. Upon hearing the ladies coming up the driveway (yet again!) he stripped down to his birthday suit and answered it with what I believe was a great big smile.

The ladies never returned. They did, however put a big X on the bottom of his driveway.

When UB and the family were relocated up north, they applied the X at the end of their new drive, hoping it would deter any attempts from the local chapter of that particular religion to visit.

Our family got to visit with UB and AC (his wonderful wife) in May of 2015 and it was such a fun time. We met up at a little Amish Buffet in Indiana. Our kids had been in the car for several hours that day and we must have sat there and ate and ate and ate and talked and talked and laughed for at least four hours. It was such a joy.

I remember my son, who was just over a year old at the time, looking at UB’s truck as we left that restaurant and I could see the wheels spinning in his mind, the child could tell how the cotter pin worked on the back of UB’s truck and was just working up the courage to pull it out. It gave UB and AC such joy. It was a wonderful day!

I remember the last few times we talked, I had asked about a reunion- he said to me: “We will have time together in Heaven! What a reunion it will be!” And I can’t wait to see him, as well as many beloved friends and family who are on the other side.

As my Dad reminded me years ago: we’re sad- because we miss them – but they’re not sad. They’re in Heaven – but they’re not there, twiddling their thumbs, thinking… “man, I wish Niccole would hurry up and get here!”

No, death has no victory over those of us who have committed our lives to Christ and repented of our sin. It is just the next part of life.

All the same, UB. I miss you. I love you. Give Dad a bear hug for me when you see him.

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