Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures

Hot black tea (always Lipton here!), a little sugar, a little cream. A small (or big!) slice of cake. Take out the fancy plates and cups because they should be enjoyed, not just sitting gathering dust on a shelf waiting for the perfect moment.

A good book, with a simple plot. Or maybe it’s you quiet time with God.

Hopefully something that takes you away from the stress of the day and gives you some space. Talking with your kids about their own hopes, dreams, ideals, inventions.

Simple pleasures.

I think so often we get caught up in the day’s activities, the drama of the latest news, the stress of not knowing what’s ahead- and we forget how a cup of tea and a simple story can help us get some perspective, get a reset of sorts. Regroup.

Some would call this self-care, others might roll their eyes and state they have more important business to tend to- but if we were to look at our week and look for moments when we were really living life to the fullest? We might discover that it would be in these simple, quiet moments.

We see the habit of rest throughout scripture. Be Still. Wait Upon the Lord. He rested on the 7th day- not because He was tired, but because He wanted to be an example for us.

The Puritans might have seen such pleasures as a sin, perhaps thinking it was sister to sloth. The Victorians would have seen such things as a need. The Pioneers in the old West would have relished a moment to themselves. During both World Wars, tea was a staple in the English Allies food supply. It’s still considered standard treatment for shock or a panacea for illness in may parts of the world.

However you take your quiet time, I would posit that taking time to reflect and enjoy God’s creation is just as important as any work we do. In fact, it may give us the strength to deal with the next major crises. It helps us to gain perspective and fuel up in many ways before we venture back into the day ahead- and to be fair, if you haven’t created a space for yourself where you can take a beat to refresh your mind in your day? You should consider creating such a thing.

Besides: I hear rumors that rabid hairless monkeys are on the docket for August…

Here are some other ideas to help reset your day and have a moment of refreshment:

Coffee/sparkling water in place of tea.
Go for a walk.
Blast some music.
Give yourself a pedicure.
Take a hot bath.
Eat some fresh fruit.
Take your shoes off and just stand in your garden, barefoot.
Write a letter to a friend or family member.
Turn off all screens for an hour and enjoy life screenless.
Listen to an audiobook.
Dance with your kids.

Whatever you choose to do? Do it with purpose and create a space in your day for reflection. And watch out for those rabid monkeys too 🙂

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