Don’t…Panic at the Walmart.

Don’t…Panic at the Walmart.

Don’t…Panic at the Walmart…

So we were on our last two rolls of TP yesterday. With Hubby working at the airport, and a family with five littles, I’ve been watching the reports coming in, taking note of the rising panic. But we really _needed_ toilet paper.

We had already discussed the idea that having a back up grocery stock was a good plan, before this virus hit the US. But yesterday, yesterday got real.

It’s not so much that we’re worried about getting sick.

We figure, the way this is hitting and sticking around? We’ll get it. We’ll be carriers at very least.

While we’re so thankful for our kids’ sake that they’re healthy, we homeschool, and the only real concern here for us is the fact that we’re likely to get others sick… we also weren’t prepared for the panic buying we saw.

Shelves were bare in many spots…my oldest daughter got on her stomach and pulled out the last few bottles of rubbing alcohol off the shelf at Albertson’s. I felt terrible even taking it. Surely this will die down soon? But then…what if we needed it?

I put the bottles in my basket. We walked around looking for some other things to add to the cart. It occurred to me, I can give one away. I don’t need three bottles.

I walked up to three people before one would accept a bottle of rubbing alcohol. I dropped another bottle off at a friend’s house.

So, don’t ignore what is happening.

People really are panicking, and it’s not our job to decide if they should or if they shouldn’t.

We should, instead, be compassionate. Reach out. Think of our neighbors, the infirm.

Staying home can be a pain. You’re dealing with a new “normal” for a while.

Maybe your kids are home with you.
Maybe you have to work from home.
Maybe you had a vacation planned.
Maybe you see a conspiracy behind it all.

Let me challenge you:
Instead of grumbling, remember- we can be there for one another. Have compassion for those who are truly without the toolbox to deal with such a time as this. Not everyone has the mental and spiritual capacity, or even the basic knowledge of how to prepare for problems.

If you know how to prepare for this kind of thing? Reach out to people. Talk to your neighbors, make sure they have basic things. Reach out online and check in with people. Let them know you are there if they need a friend.

Take a moment to spend quality time together- at home- as a family.

You know? If we all make sure we share what we have, whether it’s knowledge, humor, prayer, or even “a spare square”? We’ll be in a better place.

Don’t panic at the Walmart. Don’t dismiss the genuine fear that is rocking people’s hearts and minds right now. Sure, a week from now? This might all blow over. But we don’t know. So let’s take a beat, and be gracious instead.

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